This is the first of two MID’s Sharp promised to release in Japan. The consumer edition should follow suit soon. the developers MID likely released first because Sharp wants the dev’s to make some good app and utilities before it launches to the general public.

This version of the IS01 doesn’t have access to all the features of the consumer’s version. For example, it can’t utilize the FM transmitter, 1Seg digital TV tuner, EVDO modem and phone functionality. I don’t know why Sharp blocked these features for the developers, they could’ve used those features to make some awesome apps. But they are granted access to the full 1.6 SDK and a proprietary Sharp API which includes the camera, LED flash, opening and closing notifications, the file picker and infrared that will be used for data transfer.

Both devices feature a 1GHZ Snapdragon, a 5-inch 960 x 480 capacitive touch screen. Sharp has requested that the developers make apps with resolution up to 854 x 480. That’s the more in line with the usual Android apps. This version is only available in brown, the consumer’s edition is scheduled for release next month.

[via slashgear]