We’ve talked extensively how much Instagram loves its Stories feature. There are even rumors that they will soon be creating a stand-alone app for it (we hope not though) to really go up against the-app-that-they-used-to-copy-but-now-theyre-eclipsing, Snapchat. For now though, we’ll have to make do with the constant updates and new features that they’re introducing and if you love using or looking at Stories, then you probably don’t mind it. The latest update now lets users share stories on their own Story if they’re tagged or @mention-ed in it.

You previously probably wished you could share Stories where you’re tagged in and now you can do it, whether you think it’s funny or interesting or you’re proud to be part of that story. Whenever your username is mentioned, you get a notification in your Direct Message thread from the person that tagged you. You will now see an option to add that to your own Story feed. Tap on it and you’ll see that story as a sticker. Before you repost, you can rotate it, scale it, position it the way you want to and of course you can ad the usual creative tools as you would any story. Then go ahead and post it on your stories.

When other people viewing your story see the post, they’ll see the original poster’s username and it will also be tappable. So this can be a good way to “promote” someone else’s Instagram feed. But of course, this sharing of stories will only be applicable to those whose accounts are set to public. Instagram doesn’t have the option yet to have separate privacy settings for every post so you’re either public or private only.

We still don’t have native post sharing on the main Instagram feed even though it’s probably the most requested feature. You can use third-party apps for that, but it’s really different if you have it built-in the app itself. Instagram has previously said they’re not considering this since their priority is having original content on people’s feeds. Let’s see if they eventually change their minds.

SOURCE: Instagram