Spotify Kids Shared Playlist

Spotify Kids has since expanded to more countries since the first time it was announced over a year ago. This feature is made especially for those subscribed to Spotify Premium Family. This is for the young kids who like to listen to music and explore sound in a safe place. The last update we featured was about the customization and more parental controls. With the update, parents are provided the ability to block some individual audio stories or songs they think are not appropriate for the children.

The control also extends access to the parents checking the “Listening History”. The latest update allows parents to share the music they listen to and love. The app now allows them to make a playlist the whole family can enjoy. Parent can curate the audio playlist of their kids with the Shared Playlists on the app.

Spotify Kids Update

Spotify Kids’ Shared Playlists has been the most-requested parental settings feature. It’s protected by pin so it’s really limited to the parents. Adults can create a list of the songs they want their kids to listen to so they can be guaranteed the contents are age-appropriate.

There are thousands of content to choose from. There are about 1,3000 playlists ready on Spotify Kids and over 300,000 kid-friendly tracks. Spotify has a team of editors that regularly check what’s in the library.

Spotify Kids’ Shared Playlists

If you’re a parent, you are free to make and share playlists with your kid. Here’s how:

1. Make a playlist of your favorite songs that are safe for the kids on your Spotify app.
2. You can remove any song you think are not appropriate. Just delete from the playlist.
3. Got to the parental settings of the Spotify Kids app. Enter your pin.
4. Click on the “Shared Playlists” section. Choose the playlist you want to share with your child.
5. Confirm that you want to share a playlist once the pop-up screen appears.