BlackBerry is still alive. We’re certain it’s not going anywhere because the brand still has loyal fans. The company still continues to sell Android smartphones and we believe new models will be released soon. For current BlackBerry phone owners, not all of them may be avid fans but they can be transformed into the most loyal ones with the introduction of a special club. This group is more of a social campaign that aims to reward the fans for sharing anything BlackBerry-related content on the web. Whether you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you are encouraged to share your BB experience to earn points. You can also win prizes if you finish different challenges that you can view in your dashboard.

Hopefully, more customers and fans will be added to the club. Challenges are ready to be completed anytime. Points will be rewarded to eligible participants for chances to join more contents. BlackBerry may also be sending content to you to share.

The campaign is officially called the BlackBerry Smartphone Fan League. It’s only ready for those in Canada, UK, and the US. Sorry, if you live in other regions. We’re hoping though the smartphone pioneer will decide to hold similar campaigns in some European and Asian countries.

Note that the points won’t be necessarily used to redeem prizes. They’re given so you can join other contents. Challenges are very basic. Just post any content about the brand and share BlackBerry Mobile posts. This campaign only has one goal: to promote BlackBerry. That’s very obvious. We’re crossing our fingers more people around the world will realize that BlackBerry is still kicking.

VIA: SlashGear


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