Most of you can probably agree that you have had to do this at one time or another on your Android phone. Get someone a phone number, send your friend or a co-worker someones number and wished there was an easy and simple way for this to happen. Well now you can with Share Contacts by SMS. Instead of trying to copy/paste it, or write the number down or try to remember it in your head. Now you’ll never need to do that again.

This is a very simple apk you can download and install that will allow users to both send, and receive business cards on Android.


-Send contacts by SMS
-Pick up contact information from saved contacts
-Send Customized information
-Retrieve contact information from SMS
-Save retrieved Contact Information in Phone Contacts
note* Android 2.1 and above only

This is still very much a work in progress and most likely it will get better and prettier as time goes on, as well as adding new features. The developers at XDA are always fixing, changing and improving everything Android. This is another great example. For more information check out the links below.

Share v1.3

[via XDA Forums]