You would think that since there are a lot of low budget smartphones and tablets out there, each family member can already afford their own right? But whether it’s for financial reasons or the parents just don’t want the young kids to have their own gadgets just yet (or for some other legit reason), some families still share a tablet among them. But then each member would want different apps, a different wallpaper and settings, etc. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab E is actually built for sharing and is now available on Verizon.

The 8” tablet has a Multi User Mode so each person borrowing the tablet regularly can set it up the way they want to, without necessarily messing up another person’s preferences. The separate logins lets you save your own settings and keep the information you store there private. When you create your user account, you’ll be able to choose the apps you have installed, customize the tools and settings and also upload your own content.

For parents who let young kids use the Galaxy Tab E, this means you can monitor and restrict the apps that they can access or download. The Samsung Kid’s Mode in the Galaxy Essential widget lets you have control over what your child (at least those who are young enough) does while using the tablet. There are also thousands of parent-approved apps in the Google Play Store so it really won’t feel as if you’re blocking their access to fun and entertainment.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E has Ultra power saving mode so that it will not easily run out of battery, relatively. It is powered by 1.3GHz Quad Core processor and comes with Android Lollipop out of the box. It also has multi-window support so you can run and use two apps at the same time. You can get the tablet from Verizon for $249.99, but there are other plans available so you can just pay monthly amortizations for it.

VIA: Samsung