If you listen to Shakira’s hip shaking, lip-lying music, you automatically think of Angry Birds right? No? Well, you may probably associate her now with the bird-vs-pig-war mobile game makers since she is teaming up with Rovio for her first mobile game called Love Rocks. But instead of mad avian creatures and evil pigs, you now have shimmering jewels and exotic locales and the beats from one of the most popular female artists in the world.

The Love Rocks game is just like other colorful, puzzle games except that you know Shakira and her music are behind it. You can even view a couple of “behind the scene” videos of how they came up with this game. The goal is to get high scores and to create long chains of gems in order to get those high scores. What’s more, you get to “travel” around the world in exciting locations that Shakira picked out herself, beginning with her current home in Barcelona to the Taj Mahal, El Dorado, etc.

There are more than 150 levels in this game, all backed up by Shakira’s beats of course. Each level you are presented with three gems then you just drop them onto the board to make long chains of linking jewels. You also need to make sure they won’t be stacked up too high. You also need to beat Shakira’s own personal high score in each level and you can of course boast about this online.

You can download Love Rocks from the Google Play Store for free. You can also get Shakira’s She Wolf album for free if you get past level 12. You will get a free download code which you can use on Google Play, but only if you live in US, Canada, Brazil, Spain, UK, Germany, France, Italy & Australia.