‘Splash Cars’ is the type of mobile game you’d suggest your kid to play over and over again. It’s something you can play with the kiddo and not get bored because it’s fun and challenging–fun for the adult and challenging for the little one. Game can also be educational because of all the colors you’d be painting the 3D town.

This game may remind you of Konami’s Road Righter released in the 80’s but Splash Cars’ is in 3D graphic perspective. All you need to do is drive away from whoever is coming after you but leave a trail behind by using paint of different colors. The police won’t like what you’re doing so expect them to go after you.

But why are you running in the first place? Oh, you’re still into fighting for freedom of expression. One of the best things you do in life is to paint and just be creative. However, some people don’t like what you’re doing so you have to be careful in choosing your style and introducing the racy art challenged in the neighboorhood.

In ‘Splash Cars’,  you have the power to sabotage the cops and even convert public servants to help you with your paint road racing adventure. You are one bad ass paint road racer and you have every level to prove it.

Download Splash Cars from the Google Play Store