For all those fans of the 3rd person shooter style game ShadowGun for Android we have some good news. It appears the once iOS exclusive add-on known as ShadowGun: Leftover will soon be headed to the Android Market. So soon that users that have purchased the original should see an update this week.

While we wait for ShadowGun: DeadZone and all the multiplayer action to hit this will have to hold us over. Don’t worry because this brings new levels, games, enemies, bosses and more to keep everyone entertained — and shooting at everything that moves. The new Leftover’s version will bring plenty of new stuff while retaining everything we love about the original.

If you’ve not tried ShadowGun yet we’d highly recommend it as it’s one of our favorite games here at Android Community. If you already play and love the Gears of War type game for Android then check out below for what is coming soon.

Update will include:

– The story directly follows the events of original Shadowgun
– Free for all original Shadowgun owners
– 4 new levels
– New enemy creature
– New gun
– New type of gaming interaction
– New soundtrack
– Lot of new graphics, animations and cut-scenes
– New and improved content in general (also affects the original Shadowgun)
– New effects such as camera shakes or bullet trails
– New element in the control – Roll (player can now perform rolls)
– Tuned difficulty, weapons and enemies
– Better, more intensive gaming experience

You can pick up ShadowGun from the Android Market link below for $4.99 and if you already own the game expect an update to hit sometime this week — giving you plenty of fun things to enjoy and new enemies to shoot. Aim for the head!

Market Link

[via Droid Gamers]