MadFinger Games popular shooter game for Android and iOS, Shadowgun, is finally read for the big stage. The games been a huge success and lately they’ve been running a limited beta for the new ShadowGun: DeadZone multiplayer. Today they’ve announced they’ll be shooting and blasting their way out of beta and become official in a few weeks.

ShadowGun: DeadZone multiplayer will officially hit all Android devices in the Google Play Store on November 15th according to the developers, and will also be available for that iOS platform too. For those that loved the original game (me) and the multiplayer as well, this will be good news. We can expect player traffic to really increase come November 15th — although many might just opt for Halo 4 instead.

Today the folks at MadFinger Games also released the official trailer for the new multiplayer game, which was a bit cheesy, but shows just how awesome this game truly is on mobile devices. The graphics look excellent, and gameplay is stellar as long as you can man the controls.

The game has been in open beta for a little over a month, and has since seen a few bug fixes and updates to even out gameplay, and is now ready for the big time. We’re expecting the game to be free-to-play and for those enjoying the beta hopefully your weapons and rank carry over with the official release. It’ll likely be an update in the Play Store so we shouldn’t lose anything. For those who like to get headshots, get out those Bluetooth or wired game controllers, and for those that like to run around like chickens — enjoy the on screen controls. Get ready for some action on the 15th.