Though Google Glass is now widely available to those in the US, it comes at a heavy cost. Most who are interested in Glass aren’t ready to blindly shell out $1,500, so they stay away. For those who are interested in Glass, but not doling out a mortgage payment, we have only this to say: get a room.

The Stanford Court Hotel in San Francisco is offering Glass rentals to their guests. For $200/night, you can get the nascent wearable to navigate the town with. Even better, if you join in their social media campaign with Glass, you could win a free appetizer. Huzzah!

In announcing the program, Stanford Court said “Stanford Court developed the experience as part of its ongoing cultural transformation under new, independent management. The hotel encourages its patrons to experience authentic San Francisco, which includes embracing the latest gadgets to hit the Bay Area’s ever-evolving digital marketplace.”

It’s a pretty gutsy move on their part, considering all the backlash in the Bay Area recently about Glass. With I/O around the corner, some patrons may already have Glass, but others may want to give it a shot, too. Stanford Court does make patrons sign a policy on how to act (I.E. not be a glasshole) when wearing them, which is an oddly necessary policy to have, it seems.

Source: SF Station