If you’re the kind of person who likes to play around with themes and icon packs on your mobile device, then you might want to take advantage of this news. Several icon packs that usually cost around $0.99 and above are now free for your Android device through the Google Play Store. They haven’t really indicated until when they will be free, so you should probably download them now while they still don’t cost a penny just so you’ll have several options to choose from.

A couple of reddit users have stumbled upon a Facebook group that listed down all these icon packs. The initial list was just at 8 but then some users started adding even more to the list. As of this time, there are 16 icon packs listed down. They vary in terms of the expiration of the free offer. Some are until today only, while others will be free for three days. And if you download/install them to your device, they will become free forever even if they go back to being paid apps.

Most of the icon packs have thousands of themed HD icons, so probably the popular apps and games will be included there. A lot of the icon packs are also compatible with several custom launchers so you can use them even if you already have a launcher installed. They also have varied themes and looks so you can change how your icons look on a regular basis.

Google introduced some changes to the Play Store recently, which includes the option for developers to run their own promos on their own premium apps and games. This means they can offer their apps for free for a limited time. So take advantage of these offers if you’re an icon pack collector.

VIA: Reddit