CPU speed isn’t everything, but to a certain segment of the Android community, it’s the only thing that matters. Not unlike the gaming PC world, getting your phone to run as fast as possible is a source of pride among hardcore geeks. SetCPU has become one of the most-used methods forvrclocking a rooted phone, and now it’s got an Ice Cream Sandwich-flavored update. The new app is available on the Android Market  Google Play Store for $1.99 – and no, you don’t need to re-buy it if you already have.

The biggest forward-facing change is an updated interface that fits right in with Google’s Nova theme. The slider has been altered significantly with an easier-to-read numerical wheel, and the new app plays nice with the design principles surrounding the Android Action Bar and the menu button. There’s also some terminology changes – the “scaling” feature is now a “governor”, et cetera. The ever-present minor bug fixes have also been added. Previous versions of Android should also benefit from these changes.

Of course you have to be rooted in order to manually raise or lower your CPU speed, and some overclocks are only possible with the aid of special community-created kernels. Getting a 60% boost in clock speed takes some serious doing. Even so, it’s possible to underclock your phone (for better battery life) even on totally stock software, so long as it’s rooted. The typical range of profiles, voltage settings and other tweaks is still present. Get after it, speed freaks.

[via Android Police]