Most of us would probably die (okay,not literally) if we cannot touch our smartphones for more than a day. It’s not just a luxury or a recreational activity anymore but a necessity. But what about those who cannot use their hands or have lost the ability to do so? A new IndieGoGo project called Sesame Phone is trying to come up with one that can be used by these handicapable individuals.

With the magic words “Open Sesame”, (yes they literally have to say it) users who are paralyzed or cannot use their hands due to certain sickness or circumstances will be able to use the smartphone through their head movements. A per-installed software on a Nexus 5 gives this capability to the users in order to empower them and give a sense of control in this aspect of their lives. Using the phone’s front-facing camera, the software has been programmed to “obey” the user’s head movements which controls the cursor. The user’s voice also turns the phone on and off.

The Sesame phone will enable them to send text messages and make phone calls from wherever they are and give them access to apps on the Google Play Store. That means they can also post on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and play games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush.

If you believe in this project or know someone who will benefit from having a device like this or you yourself need a Sesame phone, you can support them through their Indie Go Go page. They have 29 days to go to meet their target of $30,000 in order to fully fund the project. They are targeting to deliver the product to backers by January 2015. Another great thing about helping out in this project is that for every $5000 they raise, they get to donate a Sesame phone to someone in need.