Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung S7 edge September 2020 Security Patch Update

Back in April, we told you the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge would cease to receive future security updates. That seemed to be final. We accepted the fact but good news to those who still own Samsung’s premium flagship phones, a security update is ready for you. It’s only just the September 2020 security patch but it’s still better than nothing. The software update is ready for the two Android phones that were released several years ago.

Well, 2017 is really not that ages ago but it’s over three years. Usually, a device could only get up to three major OS upgrades. The latest security update is ready for those living in the United Kingdom and Canada. It’s not clear when the US will get the same.

If you still have a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge and want to update the phone’s security system, you can download firmware version G930W8VLS8CTI1 or G935W8VLS8CTI1 (G930FXXU8ETI2/G935FXXU8ETI2 for the UK). The build is about 70MB online. It brings the usual performance improvements, some bug fixes, and device stability.

South Korea has already received this particular update. We have no idea but this could be a critical update. Samsung won’t bother releasing one if it’s not that important to majority of the phone owners.

The update is ready over-the-air. You can always check manually by going to Settings> Software update. Click on Download and start installation on your phone.