Facebook Sensitive Content Control

The Facebook group is working hard to make its apps and programs more secure than ever. For Instagram, it has recently launched the Sensitive Content Control. It is a new feature that lets users decide on how much sensitive content could show up in Explore. Instagram is being improved to be a safer and more secure platform for everyone. In recent months, we’ve learned similar enhancements like Security Checkup to protect accounts and “Exclusive Stories” feature. As Instagram is focusing more on entertainment and videos, it’s only right that the things you see are regulated.

The Sensitive Content Control feature follows other efforts like restricting someone from interacting with you and turning off the comments. When you check Community Guidelines, you will see there now an outline of what kind of content can be on your Instagram feed. This is to help keep you safe.

Instagram is committed to not allow bullying, hate speech, or other content that may be harmful to most people. In Explore, you can check the Recommendation Guidelines. Listed there are guidelines that have been designed to ensure sensitive content are not shown even if posted from accounts that you follow.

It’s all about letting you set your preferences especially on Explore. Do check your Sensitive Content Control and set your preference. Under your Account> Sensitive Content Control, you can set default, see more, or limit. You can also set Limit Even More. For those under 18 years old, the Allow option won’t be available.

There may be contents that can upset other people. They may be okay to you but not to other people. You can control what sensitive content to show. Feel free to adjust the Sensitive Content Control. You can see more or see less of of types of content.