You’ve probably had one phone call (or more) wherein you constantly have to battle with the sound of the wind, the ambient sound of people, and other aural interruptions, even when you had your headset on. A new line of Bluetooth headsets from Sennheiser called Presence will bring you high definition audio even in “tough” places, audio-wise because of its advanced noise filtering system. It also has other trademarks of the brand including SpeakFocus, ActiveGard, and WindSafe technologies.

One of the key features of Presence bluetooth headsets is the Own-Voice-Detector, which recognizes the speaker’s voice and then adjusts the audio it picks up and to make sure that when it’s the speaker talking, it is transmitted optimally and the ambience sound is significantly lowered. And even when the speaker is silent, it also lessens the background noise, gradually and automatically. So even if you’re rustling papers or just typing on your keyboard, those background sounds will be reduced, and if you start speaking again, then your voice will pick up once more.

ActiveGuard has been a feature in some of the Sennheiser devices. It actually makes sure that those wearing the headsets don’t get their hearing affected by sudden spikes in audio or what they call “acoustic shocks”. If fully charged, the Presence headsets can be used for eight hours. It also has a range of 25 meters if you use it with a dongle and so even though you’re walking around (or away) from your connected device.

And because the headset is meant to be comfortable when worn, you have some options as to how to wear it, including with the headband, over the ear, or in the ear. No word yet on the price range and availability of the Presence Bluetooth headsets.

VIA: SlashGear