If Sennheiser is a brand you trust when it comes to audio accessories, then you will probably be interested in this newest product that they announced, the HD1. However, if you’re iffy about the neckband design that has polarized earphone and headphone loving people, then you might want to look at another model or brand. That’s because this newest product from the Germany company employs this design for the wireless earbuds, along with its custom machined components.

The HD1 has Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and is powered by Qualcomm apt-X technology. Since Sennheiser wants users to experience “acoustic precision”, they use custom machined stainless steel in-ear sound tunnels. It also has support for the AAC codec so that you can play music whose digital audio compression is better than that of the more popular mp3. You can use NFC to pair the earphones with your smartphone or music source, it can connect up to two devices simultaneously and it should have a 10-hour battery life.

While the HD1 is mostly earbuds, it also has features that can make it function like your normal headset. It has an integrated microphone so you can take calls (you can even do three-way calling!) and it is embedded in the neckband, together with the three-button remote. The neckband itself is supposedly ergonomic and has stitched nappa leather so it should not be uncomfortable.

The headphones also have four adapter sizes for the ear pieces, a chrome finish, stainless steel, and has polycarbonate material which makes it resistant to impacts. While the Senneheiser HD1 is set to launch later this month, we still don’t have the actual SRP of the device.

VIA: Sennheiser