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If you’re an avid user of Chrome, you may probably have noted some important changes that happened recently. The Send Tab to Self 2.0 feature is now available with some updates although there is no big announcement from Google. The change has been spotted by a redditor who noticed a notification bubble for the feature. It’s now located on the Chrome toolbar instead of the default notification delivery system of an OS. As per the source, the new notification is already found on the browser.

If you use the the feature, you may soon see the content on the browser. You don’t have to check the system notification or alerts as you can see them right away on Chrome from other devices. If you’re still on Chrome Canary, you will see an icon on the right part of the Omnibox when a tab is received whether from another smartphone, desktop, or laptop.

The Chrome Send Tab to Self 2.0 will show the tab UI beside the profile icon. The system notifications have proven to be useful but seeing some alerts on the Chrome browser may be better whether you’re on Android, Linux, Windows, Chrome OS, or Mac version.

In the next update, you will no longer see the toolbar bubble when notification is addressed. When a new tab is received by the browser, an alert will appear as needed. The change is still part of the Canary channel. We’re not sure if it will go live for most Chrome browser users.


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