Even though your smartwatch is of course obviously smaller than your smartphone, that doesn’t stop app developers from actually creating programs that will make it function almost like a real phone. One such app is called Messages for Android Wear, and based on its name, you already know what its function mainly is. It comes complete with integrated keyboard, emoji support, pre-defined messages, and other functionalities that a usual messenger app has.

Unfortunately, for now, the only two messaging apps that it supports is SMS and Hangouts. If you use mostly those two for communicating with friends, then this should be enough for you. It has a fully functional QWERTY keyboard, that has text prediction (an important feature for a small screen like your smartwatch) and emojis as well (because emojis are always welcome). You can have it always-on so that any ongoing conversation will remain open.

The contacts you have synced on your smartphone will also appear here, if you want to start a conversation with someone. And it supports a conversation view and rich message view, complete with hyperlinks. It can open these links on its own Web Browser and YouTube apps as well.

The full version of the app has more configurable options, but if you’re satisfied with basic features, you can download Messages for Android Wear through the Google Play Store for free. It is compatible with the following smartwatches:
– Motorola Moto 360
– LG Watch Urbane
– LG G Watch R
– LG G Watch
– Huawei Watch
– Sony Smartwatch 3
– ASUS ZenWatch
– Samsung Gear Live