Need some extra juice for you Nexus? Unleash the full multimedia capabilities of your Nexus One with the Seidio 3200mAh extended battery. This battery comes with a replacement back cover and will make the phone thicker. But, if you need power over looks for your long road trip, this battery is a life saver.

The guys over at Engadget did a power test with this battery and got over 30 hours of use out it. This battery is available now for purchase in our store for $69.99. So far it has a 5 star rating by the 6 people who responded with their experience with it.


  • Made from the highest quality cells
  • Comes with black replacement door featuring Seidio’s signature soft touch coating
  • Textured bar to mimic the phone’s original design
  • Door is contoured to compliment the shape of the original device – no hump
  • Adds only 6mm to your device
  • Keeps your phone charged and ready, even with heavy phone and data usage
  • Compatible with Seidio Innodocks
  • Capacity: 3200mAh