It’s Pokemon meets, well, coins. Supposedly a big hit in Japan, SEGA is now bringing Dragon Coins to Android for people everywhere to enjoy.

Like some things that come from the land of the rising sun, Dragon Coins is a strange, though curious, mish mash of tried and tested troupes. On the one hand, you have the monster collecting and rearing genres popularized by the likes of Pokemon, Digimon, and other ‘mon suffixed titles. However, it forgoes the usual trading card game mechanics you’d find in mobile games today and instead opts for a totally disconnected “coin-dozer” gameplay that you would have seen in arcades of the past, or in Japan today.


The process is a bit simple, actually. You drop coins onto a platform and they get pushed to the edge. Depending on the location and rate of their fall, your own monsters get charged up to attack. Strategic coin placement can yield more attacks and combos, but it is also more of a game of luck and speed than anything else. Aside from that rather bizarre setup, you have your staples of monster-based games. You get to collect from hundreds of types of monsters, level them up, and watch them evolve further on. The artwork for the monsters is quite commendable, adding flavor and fun to this somewhat wacky game.

Dragon Coins is now up on Google Play Store, though it seems to be restricted to a few regions. The game is free for the taking, but, of course, you will be met by your usual in-app purchases inside.

Download: Dragon Coins on Google Play Store