Seesmic recently had a significant update to their Android social network app. Not only did it give the UI a facelift, auto complete features, and new composer, but it brings business users their Salesforce Chatter. If you work in the corporate world , it’s safe to assume it’s with one of the 82,000 plus companies globally that use Salesforce for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and collaboration. Salesforce is part of the culture and business Android users are most likely going to rejoice with a Seesmic and Salesforce partnership.

This is great news for Android and is one of the last areas to bridge the gap in reaching business users. Android, in the past, has taken a few hits for not being “business” friendly. Seesmic does a nice job here helping the corporate grind types put their communications into one neat little Android package. Of course, I will let others debate the productivity, or lack there of, having workers put their Salesforce Chatter side by side with their Twitter and Google Buzz social accounts. You definitely need to be more careful out there “Salesforcers”.  Don’t drink and Twitter.

Nonetheless, life just became a little more beautiful for the business Android lover.

[Via Seesmic Blog]