I’ve seen this question come up before and while there are a few decent solution for Android this new SDK take things one step further. That question is about FRAPS for Android. Users want to be able to see their frames per second, take screenshots, and record actual game footage on their Android devices. Meet SeeMeGaming from LunarG studios.

SeeMeGaming is a free SDK users can download and use to record and share in-game footage of gaming or apps for Android phones and tablets. With PC solutions like FRAPS it records entire gaming sessions and users can then choose what they want to keep, and delete the rest. With SeeMeGaming they make things even easier since we are on mobile devices after all.

You wont need root access and this will allow users to capture those hero moments during games, most useful in those multiplayer games where you want to share some epic headshot with fellow players. With SeeMeGaming the SDK will actually record the entire time you have it enabled, but throw away all the unused video to save space. Gamers wont have to anticipate when good moments will happen, or sort through entire game sessions to find the good stuff. One you make something special happen, get a kill streak going, or anything else you’d like to record you simply tap a button and it goes “back in time” and will capture 30, 60, or 90 seconds of video and save it to a file for you.


You wont need root access, and you wont have to tweak or edit video with a PC. Instead the short clip is instantly available on your Android phone or tablet and can then be played back, and easily shared to your favorite social site or YouTube. All the competitive or hardcore gamers will love this option to show off their l33t gaming skills. The SDK is available for game developers to integrate into their upcoming games, and users can download from the LunarG site linked to above. Hit the source for additional details if this is of any interest to you.

[via DroidGamers]