More than three years ago, we featured a water cooling test. It showed how the process changes smartphone benchmark scores. Today, we’re seeing another video that shows that phone external water cooling actually works. No doubt that it’s possible but we think it’s something not many people will want to see. As one of the more useful features on a phone today, water cooling is best for gaming phones that require ultimate speed and performance. While speed can be easily achieved by using the latest components, keeping a device cool is quite a challenge.

Thermal output can be a problem but good thing in recent years, phone makers have worked on implementing cooling systems. The more sophisticated, the better even on a small mobile device. The quest for a more efficient cooling system is still on. Other OEMs have been successful while others are still struggling.

The guys at Linus Tech Tips have tried to do an experiment involving a smartphone and a phone cooling system. While such solutions are possible on PCs, we’re not sure if they will work on a smartphone.

Watch the video below to find out:

Linus set up this water cooling system that includes real water and pipes. He uses a Samsung Galaxy S10 here. The result? It really works but the setup is too complicated. It’s not something you can bring anywhere with you.

The size is a problem because it’s not really portable. We need something that works and actually can be used anywhere and this is not it.

Similar rigs of cooling systems can be made with water. No question now if they can work. Oh, they will but the challenge is to make them attractive and portable. Not that we care about design but we want something that is of the smaller kind.