Securifi was showing off the Almond+ Wireless Smart Router during CES, and as of today, they have officially launched as a Kickstarter offering. Those interested will be able to pledge their support in hopes that the project gets fully funded and produced. That being said, the Securifi Almond+ project has a goal of $250,000 and pledging options starting at just under $100.

For those who missed the details that came out of CES, the Almond+ is touted as being able to offer “blazing fast 802.11ac WiFi – 1.17Gb/s” and being compatible with hundreds of smart sensors including some from Z-Wave and ZigBee. More to the point, the Almond+ is a router aimed at those looking to create a smart home. Or alternatively, for those who have already entered the post-PC era.


You see the Almond+ features a 2.8-inch color touchscreen display that will allow for setup without having to touch a regular computer. Aside from serving up fast speeds, the router (when used with some home sensors, will be able to allow you to do things such as turn the heat on or off, control your lights and even get an alert should someone open a door or window. And yes, the Almond+ will have an Android app available.


As of now the Almond+ is expected to begin shipping in September 2013. Pledging begins at $95 (or a limited number of early birds) and then goes to $99 for an Almond+ in black with free shipping for those in the US. Additionally, the router will be available in Pearl White, Sky Blue, Kickstarter Green and Funky Red. All that being said, those looking to back, or get a bit more information can head on over to the Kickstarter page.