An event hosted by Samsung Singapore gave birth to a second hands-on video demo of the Samsung i7500 Android phone. If you’ve been lusting over Sammy’s latest and greatest Android phone, here’s one video I recommend watching – until Android Community get our own review unit in for a more in-depth look.

The AMOLED display is probably capacitive and it is nothing short of gorgeous. Based on the demo, the camera shoots really good pictures featuring what seems to be an LED flash. There’s a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a microUSB port for charging/syncing. Unfortunately there wasn’t a SIM in the i7500 in order to test call quality.

[vms 4c3a763a7e62d825349f]

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve seen here and cannot wait to put the i7500 up head to head with the HTC Magic. If you had your choice, which one would you go with? Feel free to list out any features, questions or concerns you see from the video that I’ve missed or omitted from the article. Thanks, and enjoy!

First hands-on vidoe: Samsung i7500 Android phone

[vms f5bb252d13f5f431e4bb]