Google isn’t just improving your device’s memory management by launching the Android Instant Apps. The company is also introducing an Android Assistant App Directory so you can easily find apps compatible with the Google Assistant. This is good news for those people who’ve been wanting to maximize the smart assistant but support and service are still limited. There is a new way to locate those apps and this Android Assistant App Directory will be more than helpful.

When you see one on the directory, you can download the app and see how the Google Assistant will respond. There is also a chat feature that can be improved so there is no need to check out UIs of some apps. The feature includes common services that can be used to streamline interactions.

Every supported app will each have a page on the Assistant App Directory. You can check it out as they are listed on the Google Play Store. Potential downloaders can view and try the apps first so they can have a quick preview. You can also share the page so other Android users may also know about the Google Assistant-compatible apps. Search is built-in so you can easily locate new ones in specific categories.

There may be similar and related apps but the Google Assistant will know your more frequently-used services. This way, it can deliver the more apt response from your preferred source. Making apps more discoverable in the Google Play store can be a challenge but developers can do something about it. They must work on to improve their apps especially now that Google Assistant and Google Home are quickly advancing.

VIA: SlashGear