Seagate has officially announced that its cool Go Flex Satellite WiFi HDD will now support Android thanks to a new app. The little HDD is battery powered so you can take it with you wherever you go and use it. The storage drive will work with any Android device from smartphones to tablets. So far, the thing has only supported iOS devices so it’s nice to see Android getting some love.

The HDD has been accessible via the Android web browser in the past, but this is the first native app for the Android devices making the content streaming process even easier. You can load all your favorite movies and other digital content onto the 500GB HDD inside the case and then connect to it with WiFi or the new app and stream that video to your small screen.

The new app supports Android devices with version 2.2 of the OS and up. The 500GB HDD retails for $200 and it will support multiple connections at the same time. You could stream video from the drive to your iPad and Android phone at the same time.

[via SlashGear]