Google’s Android OS is coming on strong and gobs of Android devices are starting to hit the market. As more Android devices are available for consumers, more developers will want to focus on the platform. Google has now released the SDK for the latest version of Android dubbed donut.

The software update adds new features like CDMA support and new screen resolutions among other things. The first devices running Donut are set to hit in October. Devs can now get ahead on their work getting new apps that support the new Android features ready to roll.

Devices with enough screen space to support the new resolutions of up to 850 x 480 will benefit from the update. That resolution should work well for the new Archos 5 Internet tablet. “It’s good that Google has opened up for several kinds of phones, with different screen sizes and radio access,” said Swedish Android developer Staffan Kjellberg. “The larger the market gets, the better.”


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