You probably do a screenshot and share more than once a day and while some smartphones do have built-in apps to help you, it sometimes takes a few steps and several switching of apps before you are able to do it. A new app for Android devices makes it a bit easier for you to edit, blur and share those screenshots to your app of choice. Screenshot Crop & Share will be your new best friend if you need easier screenshooting for work or even for your intense conversations with messaging friends.

Once you’ve installed the app on your device, you will need to grant it a couple of access points in order to work properly. It uses a Notification Listener so that it will detect when you take a screenshot. It will then display an overlay where you can choose to crop, edit, blur some parts that you don’t want to be seen, highlight a phrase or item in the image through a “pen” (you can choose color and how thick/thin it is), and then share it to your app of choice, whether it’s a messaging app, social network, email, etc.

The app has also been updated with some new features and improvements on the first version. You can now choose to open the screenshot editor directly, change the color of the action buttons, and create partial screenshots. It has also fixed some problems like force closing and screenshots not working on some devices. You can also choose your floating Bubble size settings, and make app shortcuts on both the normal and home screen shortcuts.

You can download Screenshot Crop & Share from the Google Play Store for free. There are some features though, like the blur, which you will have to buy in-app.