This is just plain odd. A company is selling a special chapstick like device for smartphone screens. Dubbed NuScreen HD, it promises to minimize fingerprints and smudges, while making your display more rich and intense. The idea is simple, you rub it on your screen and then polish it with the included microfiber cloth. But is it really the cleaner it claims to be?

For $20? It’d had better be! I mean, I can see this being a cleaner that cuts through all the fingerprint oil to make your screen shinier again, but how can it really make a screen more intense and vibrant? The screen is the screen. And if you’ve already put a screen protector on the phone, it can’t really improve that.

I think this is a case of snake oil. It may have minimal benefit from a cleaning perspective. And technically, you clean your screen and the screen will look more intense because it’s not smudged up by skin oil and dust. But for the price they charge, you’d think you’d get a set of Ginsu steak knives to come along with it.

[via DVice]