Genymobile’s screen mirroring and screen recording tool scrcpy (a.k.a. screen copy) is one of the most powerful tools for all major platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android. The application is able to mirror the screen of an Android phone and remotely control it from the PC ever since 2018. In a recent development, scrcpy update added support for Android 12 OS but there are certain restrictions users will not be happy about.

Before this scrcpy used the secure display with shell permissions method for mirroring screen content. Now with Android 12 on the way, the application is not able to use this workaround.

Thus, you’ll not be able to see sensitive protected content on your PC screen, courtesy of the secure display settings on the upcoming OS. Things like password managers, banking apps or streaming services will no longer be mirrored.

Unless scrcpy is able to find another workaround in the coming months until the release of the Android 12 final build, things are looking iffy for the app. With restricted ability to view content or take screenshots of protected content, it will be a major irk for users.

On the positive side, the newer scrcpy version 1.18 update brings some other features that’ll balance out the equation. You can drag and drop files from your desktop to the scrcpy interface that’ll be saved automatically to /SDcard/Download for better organization.

Other features include a default centered window when performing resize-to-fit, or the option to turn off the phone when the session ends. Along with this, the update brings bugs fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

For Linux users, the app permits video stream as webcam or displayed in a window. It has to be kept in mind, Google is also working on its own screen mirroring feature which could be bad news for the scrcpy app.