We’re not so sure how you will use this new app but it’s an especially-developed tool that allows you to control and display Android devices that are connected to USB. You can easily run this app on other platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, and GNU/Linux. This one lets the mobile user focus on a number of things from lightness to performances, quality, low latency, low startup time, and non-intrusiveness. What the app does is execute a server right on the device, communicating via a socket going over an adb tunnel.

The user can see a video of the device screen streaming from a server. It records a number of things like input events before decoding and displaying the video frames. With scrcpy, you may experience latency being minimized by no buffering and skipping frames when rendering is delayed. It can also allow you to run a Java main on Android and access the Android framework. It’s easy to execute as if you’re running an APK, making it very easy to install.

Seeing your Android phone’s screen from another device may be very useful and convenient. You don’t have to be glued to your smartphone if you can access it from anywhere.

VIA: om’s blog