Scratch Wireless first arrived several months earlier when they announced plans to fight the other, “too expensive” cellular service options. They are an MVNO style carrier and will be going on the premise of using WiFi first. Well, while the service first launched as an invite-only offering, they have since shifted and are now open for any and all that wish to check it out.

Scratch Wireless goes on the concept that people are connected to WiFi networks roughly 80 percent of the time. To that point, the service offers free calling over WiFi. Of course, you can also use data as would normally would on any other WiFi device. One interesting aspect of the service is with text messaging — free over both WiFi and cellular.

For those times when you are not connected to WiFi and need to make a call or get online, Scratch Wireless does offer cellular passes. These make use of the Sprint cellular network and include options for data and voice. A 24-hour pass for either will set you back $1.99 and a 30-day pass is $14.99. The 24-hour pass includes 30 minutes of voice calling or 25MB of data. The 30-day pass ups those to 250 minutes and 200MBs respectively.

To recap, calling is free on WiFi and data is free on WiFi. You can get a cellular pass for voice and/or data. And lastly, text messaging is free regardless of whether you are connected to a cellular of WiFi network. While this is all low enough in price so far, the catch comes in with buying the phone. Scratch Wireless users will be required to buy a compatible phone, which in this case means just one option.

The available phone is the slider-style Motorola Photon Q, which is priced at $269. Bottom line here, if you are good using the Photon Q and live in a world where you are almost always connected to WiFi, Scratch Wireless may be one to consider.

VIA: The Next Web