TeleNav has rolled out the latest Scout for Android update. This update has already arrived in the Google Play Store and has brought some new features that deal with social and sharing. Or in other words, this update seems to have made it easier to coordinate and share your location and trip details with friends using a feature called OnMyWay.

This will allow the Scout user to easily share their ETA with others. This means everyone will be able to see your real-time progress on a map. And as a side-effect, this should also help to cut down on some of those ‘where you you’ texts that often arrive from those who are waiting at the destination. Using OnMyWay means they will be able to easily see exactly where you are without further delaying you with questioning messages.

Those worried about privacy or extended sharing may take some comfort in knowing these sessions do expire. The folks at TeleNav have said “user location information expires shortly after arrival or after a short period of inactivity.” Furthermore, you are able to stop sharing with friends at anytime by manually stopping it.

This update also brought some improvements in terms of that ETA sharing. Aside from everyone being able to see where you are, this can be incorporated out to the entire group. Using this means all users invited will get free voice-guided directions to the destination and all users will be able to view the map and see exactly where everyone is and know when they should be arriving.

These free directions are available for users of all smartphones and if they do not have or do not want to install the Scout app, those directions will be provided using HTML5 in a mobile browser. Coupled with this are some improvements to search. The Scout app will now include friends from your contact list which should make it a bit quicker to get directions to their location or to invite them to meet.

VIA: Google Play Store


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