Just earlier this year, Scout Launcher was adjudged to be one of the best 3rd party Android launchers available in the market, and ever since it launched last year, it was always included in best of lists. But now, unfortunately, it’s bad news for those who’ve been using this app. The developers have decided to shut down by March 2, 2016, including the app itself and all operations as well, giving users just a few days to go out and find a more than adequate replacement.

Despite the fact that their ratings stayed at 4.5+ in the entire time of their existence and that users reportedly spent around 30 minutes in the app every day, they still feel like they were not able to reach their goal of getting the app to millions and millions of users. And so now, they have made the official announcement that in just a few days, the app will be no more. It will no longer be available at the Google Play Store and all the servers will be shut down.

Normally, when an app says it will be no more, it usually just means no more support but it will still be there. Here, it will actually really be removed from your device and its existence. So of course since you need a launcher, they are recommending you use Google Now since it is the closest one that came to their vision.

The app was started in order to prepare for an app-less future and the start of this is through employing Artificial Intelligence. However, the app did not gain traction and now the developer says enough. Maybe there were other factors of course, but this is the one that we got for now.

SOURCE: Scout launcher