Social gaming network ScoreLoop is trying to tempt iOS game developers to join the wave and port all their games over to the Android platform. As part of their “Go Android” campaign, ScoreLoop is offering to help iOS gaming developers by providing support free of charge to any developers who wish to port their games over. In addition, ScoreLoop will also provide social gaming tools to make the transition smoother. ScoreLoop also offers features such as Leaderboards, Social challenges, Virtual Currency, and even Friend finding.

We’re teaming up with leading iOS developers to make the transition to Android smooth. Because it’s not just about the money, but also about development resources, market knowledge and trust.

Scoreloop will port your game to Android, free of charge, and provide you with the market leading social gaming tools to help you leverage tens of million new users.

Launch partners, Geared and Toobz, will be live in the Android Market in days.

As we reported last week, Android app development is beginning to be more lucrative for developers thanks to Android’s larger footprint in the marketplace. With options such as in app purchases, advertising, and ancillary app sales, there’s, developers are finding that Android users are three times more likely to not only buy more, but also to click on ads featured in their apps. So for ScoreLoop to offer support in order to help iOS developers make the transition easier is a cagey strategy, as it will bring traffic to their network as well.

[via Android Guys]