Eric Schmidt, in a remark delivered to a packed audience during a question and answer session at the Gartner Symposium, unequivocally said that Android is more secure than the iPhone. This unsurprising statement coming from Google’s chief executive is sure to draw no small amount of discussion between fans of both platforms.

In context, the statement was just one among the many things that Schmidt had said in a 45-minute long session that revolved around Google, its business, its products, and everything under the sun that relates to the company, which really means almost everything under the sun. When the discussion went into Android territory, Gartner analyst and senior research board head David Willis remarked that many in the audience did not use Android as their principal platform because it is not that secure.

Understandably, Schmidt went on the defensive, claiming that the mobile platform is, in fact, more secure than the iPhone. While not exactly spouting off figures, he justified his claim by citing Android’s more widespread distribution and longevity, which translates to rigorous, real-world security testing. He also predicted that in the future, the paradigm will shift towards apps themselves providing their own security as nothing will be assumed to be inherently secure.

Schmidt also briefly touched on the other biggest complaint about the platform: its version and device fragmentation. He didn’t really give a direct answer but instead pointed out the established agreement between Google and Android vendors to keep their stores compatible.