Before, we celebrated Halloween by dressing up in costumes and going trick or treating or having parties. But now we’ve added a whole new digital element to it as various apps and games add to the spooky spirit by bringing limited edition Halloween treats. As expected Instagram is joining in the fun by bringing filters, stickers, and a special superzoom feature to make your Instagram Stories spookier and more interesting. So if you feel like scaring your followers or getting a laugh out of them at least, version 20 of the app is now available for updates.

You know those scenes in horror movies and spoof comedies where you zoom into a character’s face with matching dramatic or scary music? Well, you can now do it for your Instagram Stories as well, whether it’s zooming into your own face or your friend’s face or even a pet or object. Open the in-app camera that you use when making or adding a story. Under the record button, you’ll see the Superzoom option right next to Boomerang. Just tap on it and it will automatically zoom into what your camera is pointing at and add the suspenseful music. Add it to your story or send to a friend directly. Or save it to your camera roll.

There is a whole new Halloween set of stickers and face filters available in the Instagram camera. You have the usual zombie, vampire, ghost options for face filters, and you can even disappear in a fog. There are stickers that you can add to your photos and videos before posting them on your IG Stories.

To enjoy these, you need to update to version 20.0 of your Instagram Android app. No news until when the stickers, filters, and the Superzoom will last, so start playing around with them now.

SOURCE: Instagram