I would bet that most of us have been at the store standing on an aisle wondering which product we should buy. With so many products that do the same thing making an informed decision can be hard. You can whip out your mobile phone and run a search for the product you are interested in, but sometimes finding that product can be a challenge. An app like ScanLife can make getting product information as easy as snapping a pic of the barcode.

ScanLife is available for Android users right now and will give your information on a product when a picture of the bar codes is snapped with the phones camera. The app will give you price comparisons to help you find where the products is being sold for a lower price.

The app will also tell you where you can find a product in stock if it is popular. I’m not sure how you would be able to snap a pic of the products barcode if the product isn’t in stock though. The app also allows the user to share a deal with friends on Facebook or via email as well. You can download the app right now.