In our opinion, New Orleans-based 3D scanning company is promoting the scan-to-print process correctly – that is, bring the process to platforms that are used daily. This is the goal with the new Scandy Pro accessory and app, their collaboration with pmdtechnologies (pmd) – to let Android users have an easy way to scan objects and translate it to 3D printable content.

The idea is this – using a regular Android smartphone and an attachable pico flexx ToF (time-of-flight) 3D sensor made by pmd, Scandy Pro will allow users to create detailed 3D scans of objects in real time. Scandy says that the quality will match anything put out by professional scanning equipment. Of course, that will have to be tested, but the claim is pretty strong.


ToF cameras are range imaging camera systems that are able to resolve distance in an image based on the known speed of light. Scandy Pro will bring technology that once needed thousands of dollars’ worth of investment is now available in a very affordable and handy form factor.

Android users who are interested in the new Scandy Pro platform can sign up to become a beta tester, and app developers can work directly with Scandy to learn about the Scandy Core SDK. This is pretty exciting news for 3D printing enthusiasts out there.

SOURCE: Scandy