If you’ve gotten used to using Google Trips whenever you travel abroad, you probably know by now that Google will be sunsetting the app eventually since they announced it back in June. Well, that day is today as support for the app officially ends August 6. The good news is that all those notes and saved places that you’ve saved in the app will still be available on your Google Search app, but only if you’re signed into your Google account of course.

While Google Trips was really useful for a time, not a lot of people are mourning its demise since Google is incorporating a lot of its important features in other apps like Google Search and Google Maps. They were actually adding features to both Search & Maps and the web version of Trips previously that made it obvious that they were eventually planning to shut down the Trips app eventually.

So when you’re using Google Search, you can still find the things to do feature when you search for it in your destination. Or you can go to google.com/travel and go to the “Explore” tab. If you want to look at your plane, hotel, or restaurant reservations that you added to the app, go to that same link or search for my trips on Google and you’ll see everything there, both past and upcoming trips and edit accordingly. You’ll soon be able to find your notes there and add / edit the necessary notes relating to your trip.

If you want to use Google Maps as your main trip app, use the Explore tab or search for a destination in the Maps app. The places you saved on the Google Trips app can also now be found on Maps in the menu > Your Places > Saved. Soon, you’ll also be able to see your trip reservations on the app under Menu > Your Places > Upcoming. The reservations will be organised by trip and you can also access them offline.

Thank you Google Trips, you’ve served us travellers well. Now we’ll wait and see what other travel features Google will come up with so we won’t miss Trips too much.