For those of you who are unaware, the UARS satellite is currently ‘scheduled’ to crash into the surface of the earth. If this news happens to worry you, or if you’re interested in tracking a falling satellite as in crashes into the planet, the Satellite AR app for Android is tracking the satellite live for your viewing pleasure.

The Satellite AR app, which allows users to track satellites in the sky above them, uses the GPS signal on your device as well as its compass if your device has the hardware, to show what lies in the skies above them. The yellow line on the augmented reality shows the projected path of the satellites and can be used to visually track the estimated path of the UARS projectile.

As the satellite falls to the surface of the earth, most of the satellite is expected to disintegrate as it enters the atmosphere, however 26 pieces are expected to crash along a 500 mile path. The largest piece to fall is approximately 500 pounds. For you North American readers, NASA has ruled out the continent as of late Wednesday.

Check out the Satellite AR app on the Android Market here.

[via NYTimes]



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