If you’re in the market for an extra wireless charger that is not from your smartphone’s own OEM, there are a lot of brands to choose from. One such brand is Satechi and they are now releasing a new Qi-certified Type-C wireless charger with Quick Charging and Power Delivery compatibility. Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 should benefit from the maximum speeds that this charger can offer.

The Satechi wireless charger offers charging speeds of up to 10W if you use Quick Charging or USB-C Power Delivery adaptor. It has an integrated LED light so you can see your phone’s charging status, whether it’s charging or filly charged. The color depends on the charging speeds.

It also has over-temperature protection so that if your smartphone overheats it will stop charging immediately. It also has foreign object detection (FOD) so if an unwanted metal object is detected on the charger, it will consider it a malfunction and stop charging. In both cases, the previously mentioned LED light will flash to warn you that there’s a problem.

The Qi-certified Aluminum Type-C PD & QC Wireless Charger is now available for $44.99 on Satechi.net and on Amazon.com. It is available in silver and space gray but the quick charge adapter is sold separately.