The USB Type-C isn’t fully a standard yet but a number of OEMs are going this direction. A couple of years ago, the technology was new and companies were slow to adapt to change. Satechi wants to address the issue so it’s launching a new USB-C Power Meter that will make sense of the Type-C. Some of our cable problems may have been solved easily but with the solution comes uncertainties about charging voltages.

There are people concerned about safe power delivery despite the speed and convenience the technology brings to USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 especially. The main issue really is the broad range of voltages, mAh, and amperages.

There are many types of outputs available and required by different devices. Quick-charge support can also be in different levels so it’s important that a mobile user uses something reliable and safe.

Satechi is launching the USB Type-C Power Meter as an in-dongle device that can read the current units of electricity or power, as well as, the power being transferred in real time. For only $29.99, it’s an affordable and safe way to keep track of your charging. This is important because you want to know how efficient and safe a charger, cable, or device is.

VIA: SlashGear