We’re no strangers to risqué Galaxy S III commercials, but this time Samsung has taken things a step further by tossing Santa and Mrs. Claus into the mix. The latest Galaxy S III ad features ol’ St. Nick as he prepares to leave the North Pole to deliver presents to the children of the world. We imagine that can get quite boring at times, but luckily a couple of Santa’s elves have made a video for him to watch on the trip around the world. Mrs. Claus has made a video for him too, and we think we’ll just let you fill in the blanks from here on out.

The goal of the ad is obviously to show off the Galaxy S III’s S Beam functionality, not unlike another ad Samsung released a while back. In fact, this Santa ad and the older S Beam ad are pretty much the same thing, only the excited girls have been swapped out for excited elves, the suburban setting has been replaced by the North Pole, and Santa and Mrs. Claus are stepping in for the young, attractive couple. Check out the original naughty ad below for a refresher.


Other than that, the idea is the same – Mrs. Claus uses S Beam to send Santa a video that he “probably shouldn’t watch in the sleigh,” presumably so he doesn’t offend any of the reindeer (we hear that Prancer is particularly touchy when it comes to such things). In other words, Mrs. Claus has made Santa a naughty video that she doesn’t want prying eyes to see. It’s a silly yet rather disturbing way to flush your childhood down the drain, and you can watch it below.


Of course, if you’re not interested in making adult videos that you can then send through S Beam, the Galaxy S III has plenty of other features that make it well worth a purchase. We imagine that the S III will be a big hit this holiday season, and it shouldn’t be long before Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy S IV. What do you think of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S III ad?