Alarm clocks are a necessity for those who need to go to work every morning or have appointments that they need to go to. And even though you already have an alarm clock on most devices, why not have something that can do more than just wake you up? A new product called Sandman Doppler is now available through crowdfunding site Kickstarter, and it is indeed more than your average clock. It has Alexa inside of it, can charge up to six devices, and even has programmable quick access buttons.

The main appeal probably of the Sandman Doppler is that it is Amazon Alexa enabled, so you can ask it to do a lot of things through its skills. Basically it functions like an Echo, but is not an Echo (and relatively cheaper of course). You can ask it to launch apps, add things to your to-do list, play music, get you a ride, and even adjust connected appliances. It can also function as a Bluetooth speaker to play your music of choice. And yes, you can set an alarm though it of course.

More than that, you also have quick access buttons which you can customize and replicate often-used actions. There are a lot of services you can connect to these buttons, including Spotify, Philips Hue, Nest, NPR News, Samsung Smart Things. It can also work with IFTTT (if this then that) actions so you’re set. Your alarm clock also has a dashboard so you can view quick info like traffic conditions, weather, stock prices, and your calendar.

The Sandman Doppler has six USB ports so you can charge your devices there as well. You have 27 days to go to back this project and get your device at just $89. However it’s just a beta unit at that price and will ship by March 2018 but only in the US. The regular unit will cost $119 and will ship in July next year and will be available to ship anywhere in the world.

SOURCE: Kickstarter