With mobile devices now able to do more complex tasks – like record video in 4K or even 8K resolution – our data storage needs just keep getting more complex as well. In the case of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 that can record super slow motion videos at 960fps, you will need a storage unit that writes data at ultra-fast speeds. Western Digital has all of that in mind when it launched the 400GB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC card at the MWC 2018, which is purportedly the fastest UHS-I microSD card that can be had today.

According to Western Digital, this new 400GB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC card is around 50% faster in read/write speeds than any of their existing UHS-I microSD cards. To be precise, the read speed for the new card is 160MB/s and the write speed is at 90MB/s. These speeds are possible with Western Digital’s proprietary storage technology, and the integration of the A2 specification that will help launch apps at faster speeds.

“Consumers expect an increasingly better mobile experience, and with our 3D NAND technology, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation to enable them to create and enjoy more rich content on their devices. Our expertise in flash memory and microSD card electronics enables us to achieve unmatched performance. The breakthrough SanDisk microSD card is evidence of Western Digital’s commitment to delivering more advanced solutions that enable data to thrive,” said Jim Welsh, senior vice president and general manager, Client Solutions, Western Digital.

The new microSD card also features a more durable build protects the card – and more importantly, your data – from x-rays, water, dust, and shock hazards. If you want to check out the new 400GB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC card, the world’s fastest microSD card will be available at an eye-watering USD$300.