In what I’m going to consider one of the better deals of the day 1SaleADay is offering the SanDisk 32GB Micro-SD card class 4 for the extremely low low price of just $29. These are brand new units right from SanDisk and have the same 1-year warranty, no refurbished junk here. I don’t know about you guys, and even with everything going to the cloud these days on mobile this is just too good of a deal to pass up.

I’ve never purchased anything from the site myself but I’ve had many friends us it in the recent past with good experiences. I myself went ahead and ordered two. One for my Honeycomb tablet and another for my HTC Sensation 4G I use daily. You can never have too much space, even if the cloud is taking over.

Just as the name suggests — brings you an awesome deal on a daily bases. I know many phones come with 8GB SD cards or sadly sometimes even a 2GB MicroSD card so something like this is a great deal to snatch up. Not only are 64GB MicroSDXC cards just hitting the market but they are still $219 each. I’d much rather take two of these 32’s for now and call it a day.

Get em while their hot!

[via 1SaleADay]